Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

It's been one year since we opened the doors of
Dandelion Emporium at our current location and
what a year! We merged with Dandelion Records
midway through the year to evolve into the store
we have today. To recap a little history Dandelion
Records began as a table at the Flea Market about
4 years ago, then shared a space with a gallery on
Kingsway (in what is now the expansion of Budgie's
Burritos). From there to a location on Broadway...
and we've now made our home on Main Street
(where we wanted to be all along, and hope to stay)
Thanks to all of our supporters... we couldn't have
done it without you ! We really appreciate all of our
customers and friends and everyone who believes
in our store. We hope to continue to bring you great
vinyl and other fun and interesting products from
around the world... we're looking forward to a
great year ahead ! Thanks from Jeff & Laura


  1. love it! congratulations!! it's inspiring to hear that you started as a flea market table! :)

  2. thanks lyndsay ! you gotta start somewhere :)