Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver Matters

Representing Vancouver’s history and present materiality through writing, drawing and photography, Vancouver
Matters offers a critical examination of the city’s faults and opportunities.
The 16 investigations from artists, architects, designers, professors and students use the specific materials as a lens through which the city can be seen anew.
The project was initiated out of a certain skepticism toward the highly revered “Vancouverism” ideology that has proliferated the local and global imagination in recent years but has not quite delivered the lifestyle that it readily promotes.
Vancouver Matters’ drive is to assemble new ideas and hidden opportunities through a series of intriguing visuals and texts that could form a departure for future city practices. It attempts to document what the city of Vancouver is made of and what it might yet become.
Recipient of a 2009 Design Exchange Award (Visual Communication) and a 2009 Alcuin Society Book Design Award (Prose Non-Fiction Illustrated)

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