Friday, September 17, 2010

The Exquisite Book

This book is loosely based on the game started by the
Surrealists in the 1920's called The Exquisite Corpse.
This version is played by 100 contemporary artists,
illustrators and designers. Each artist contributed one
page to the book, the first artist was given a few words
to inspire their drawing. Each of the following artists
was only allowed to see the page preceding their own
to create their continuation of the story, and the
inspiration for the next artist. Each artist also follows
the horizon line that begins on the left side of the page
and ends on the right, establishing a visual connection...
The book reads as 10 short visual stories, and it is exciting
to see each artist's interpretation. This astonishing book's
format is as unique as its content, with each of the ten
chapters residing on a ten page accordion pull-out,
allowing readers to view the art continuously.
Great idea and a great book!

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