Thursday, January 13, 2011

Opinel No. 8 Walnut / Stainless

New to the Emporium...
Joseph Opinel began making his knives in 1895 in
the Savoie region of France. By the 1940s over 200
million had been sold. The success of the knife rests
on the strength of the design itself, earning it status
in everyday French culture and design museums
alike. The No. 8 is the most popular for general use
and is often used to cut fruit, bread and cheese.
In recent years the use of stainless steel blades has
made the knife nearly maintenance free and exotic
wood handles like walnut have been introduced.
The Opinel knife is included in the Victoria and
Albert Museum in London as one of the "100
most beautiful products in the world"
Truly a design classic.

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