Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pick of the week time is here again !

Jeff's pick: Kids on a Crime Spree -
We Love you so Bad (2011)
slumberland is killing it as usual.
perfect summery pop bliss.

Laura's pick: Widowspeak s/t (2011)
First LP by these mellow brooklynites
is quietly knocking socks off round here.
Its haunting and dark and beautiful
and is here in plenty of time for the
rainy season.

Tim the Mute's Pick: Street Music of Yogyakarta
In 1978 Jack Body recorded an amazing amount of
street musicians in Java. All these recordings were
made in the street so you can hear babies crying,
car horns and food frying throughout. Raw folk
music by and for the people, this is the real deal.
A truly unique record filled with beautiful and
stirring sounds. Comes with a bonus 7"

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