Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Users Guide to Semiotics

Semiotics, or the study of signs, symbols and
metaphors is a subject which is often impenetrable.
This second edition book, however, delivers on the
promise to explain the obscure field by use of
examples. Using only one page per term author
Sean Hall has effectively distilled the essential
vocabulary that underlies all semiotic thought.
The book relies on a few good examples rather
than long-winded explanations of linguistic
terminology and challenges the reader to find
layers of meaning in common images. A simple
question and image conjure up associations and
readers will employ the tenets of semiotics as
part of the thought process. You will find you
know more than you think and Hall's work has
the added advantage of arming you with words
like "paralanguage" and intratextuality" to slip
into your converstions. Those with an interest in
graphic design will find that an understanding
of the basics of semiotics can heighten the
ability to read the layered texts of images...

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