Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Record Store Day !!

Join us this weekend to celebrate 2012 RSD !!
We have 30% off all used records plus many
exclusive RSD releases...  a great lineup of
bands will be playing next door at guys & dolls
billiards ('cause we don't have the space in our
little store...) it's a licensed venue so no minors
at the show, sorry.  come in to dandelion for a
stamp to see the bands for free otherwise its 2
bucks at the door...  bands start around 7 pm
and the sale will be happening all weekend.
Good times !!


  1. Hey! Just wondering around whot time the Dead Ghosts will be playing their set?

  2. Dead Ghosts are headlining so they are playing last... exact time unknown (sorry) but the bands start around 7pm and there's 5 bands so maybe 11:30??