Sunday, April 22, 2012

thank you !

Thanks to everyone who came to the store and the
show on Saturday in support of Record Store Day.
We had a great day and hope everyone had as much
fun as we did !! Special thanks to all the bands who
played - Spectres, the Albertans, Student Teacher,
Needles // Pins & Dead Ghost... you guys were
all awesome !! Our sale continues with 30% off used
vinyl for the rest of the weekend and if anyone has
any good photos from the show on Saturday please
send them to us !!

PS.  Thanks also to all the bands who played on
Sunday night...  I think everyone was tired from
all the fun on Saturday so next year we'll probably
have bands playing all day and into the night on
RSD and sleep on Sunday - which is sort of what
we had wanted to do anyways - but hey, live and
learn...  thanks for playing everybody !!

1 comment:

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