Friday, November 23, 2012

sky high

In an age-old story of keeping up with the Joneses,
author Germano Zullo has created a picture book
that follows the fate of two rival neighbours as they
compete to build the most extravagant house 
imaginable. The original edition of "Sky High"
written in French and published in Switzerland has
been translated for an English audience with the
original illustrations by Albertine. The competition
starts out small but quickly spirals out of control as 
architects and construction crews are brought in to 
address the questionable physics of the buildings.
The structures are filled with tennis courts, murano
glass chandeliers, curiosity cabinets, even the odd
Bengal tiger finds its way in via helicopter... until
the inevitable finally happens and one of the homes
topples to the ground.  A delightful book sure to
amuse and charm children and adults alike.

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