Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Hours Update

Just a reminder that we will be on holidays
from December 28 to January 1st
See you all in 2010...

December 28 to January 1 / Closed
January 2 & 3 / 12 - 6 pm
January 4 / Closed
January 5 / 11 - 6 pm

Happy New Year !!

Merry Christmas!

We'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers who helped to make this the best season ever! It was fun to be at the store every day for the last couple weeks, and we are tired but very happy... Have a great Christmas everyone and we hope to see you on Boxing Day. We open at noon on Saturday and we'll be selling all used records at 50% off !! The sale will only be on for 2 days so don't miss it. Other select instore items will also be marked down... woot !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

gig posters volume 1

Since 2001, has been the
Internet's first and best resource for poster
art; their massive online database showcases
more than 90,000 posters from over 7,000
different designers including all of today's
top poster studios. Gig Posters Volume I
highlights the 700+ best examples in their
collection, including 101 perforated and
ready-to-hang posters for bands such as
Radiohead, Wilco, Decemberists, the Shins,
Arcade Fire, Sleater-Kinney, and more.
Among the many designers contributing to
this collection are Rob Jones (of White Stripes
fame), The Decoder Ring (house artists for
Modest Mouse), Patent Pending, Tara
McPherson, and more. Packaged in an
oversized 11x14" paperback, Gig Posters
Volume I is a spectacular compilation of rock
show art (and one hell of a cheap way to
decorate a dorm room or apartment).

magno radio

Designed by Singgih Kartono
Hand-crafted in an Indonesian farming village,
the Magno AM/FM radio has an appealing mix
of retro and modern style. Made from new
growth wood, for every tree that is used in
production, a new one is planted. Its uncoated
surface should be oiled periodically to encourage
a deeper connection between user and object.
MP3 compatible, with short wave reception.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Large pile of new vinyl at last !

great new stock including new king khan bbq show /
jacuzzi boys / real estate / ty segall etc.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dream Machine...

New from APAK Studio in Portland Oregon,
Numbered and signed limited edition prints
Giclee print with archival ink on acid-free
cotton rag paper. Each print comes with a
backing board in a protective plastic sleeve.
We have several other APAK prints as well as
a great selection of their gift cards currently
in the store. We love everything they do!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Seconds" series...

Dinner Plates Set of 4
The "Seconds" series challenges the rules
surrounding modern day consumer items.
Do decorations always need to be centered?
Is a whole bird better than a half? These
elegant "mistakes" are artfully and carefully
applied to porcelain plates, bowls and cups
+ saucers by New York designer Jason Miller.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mo's Dark Bacon Bar

Following the huge popularity of Mo's Bacon
Bar in milk chocolate, we present the newest
member of the exotic candy bar family. With
the same applewood smoked bacon and alder
wood smoked salt the beautifully rich 62% dark
chocolate encases these tantalizing flavors.

We also have many other great flavours in stock
including Wooloomoolo, Red Fire, Naga, Black
Pearl, Barcelona and Goji berry ... great for
stocking stuffers and the library box set of 9
mini bars makes an excellent gift!

June 26, 2010 Update... It's too difficult to keep
the chocolate at it's peak of perfection during the
warm summer months so check back in the fall
for more stock (we're out of the bacon bars for
the moment folks, sorry !)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bucky Cardboard Deer Trophy

Each deer trophy is made from recycled cardboard,
a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.
Each is laser-cut for precision fit and easy assembly
using slotted construction. They look great in either
native brown or white and can be decorated with
paint or other craft materials if you feel inclined.
Large Bucky measures 24W x 33H x 18D
Buck Jr. measures 12W x 16H x 9D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New from Filou Designs

3D Acorn Necklace
Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC
in solid sterling silver.
Comes on a 24" Chain.
Approx 1.5cm x 1cm
Sweet !

Monday, November 30, 2009

For Your I's Only...

NEW Vers Shellcases allow full in-case access

Vers extends its line of sustainably built, hand
crafted wood cases for iPod and iPhone with the
addition of open front Shellcases that allow full
display access. Combining the natural beauty
and strength of Walnut, Cherry and Bamboo,
they are the most environmentally thoughtful
cases available on the market.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Main Street's "Get Your Tree On"

Beginning December 4th, festivity comes to Main
Street, as merchants collaboratively celebrate the
holidays with hospitality, exciting gift ideas and
uniquely designed trees.

A reception on Friday December 4th, hosted by
each participating business, promises to unite
Vancouver shoppers with their beloved Main St
destinations while also creating an opportunity
to join the community in launching a new holiday
tradition. Main Street’s “Get Your Tree On” will
involve 36 different businesses who will all be
decorating a tree in their respective locations.

On December 4th the stores will stay open until
8pm and people will be invited to select their
favourite tree and enter into a draw for one of
two amazing gift baskets by voting either online
at or at a ballot box located at
Re-Entry Espresso (4363 Main). Voting will be
open until December 12th at 12 noon. Flyers,
with a list of all the tree sites and a ballot, will be
available starting November 30th at each store.
The draw will be held at 2pm on December 12th
at Once a Huckleberry Bush (4387 Main Street)
along with a performance by Vancouver Children’s
Choir. There will also be food boxes in each of the
participating stores collecting donations for the
food banks at St. Michael’s Church on Broadway.

Come and celebrate Main Street’s newest holiday

Monday, November 23, 2009

The War Bowl

Made from melted toy soldiers, each bowl is made
of figures from two opposing armies. This bowl
depicts the battle of Waterloo.
"I wanted to create a new material that would work
on more levels than the usual qualities such as
texture and functionality. My aim was to make a
material that had a voice of it's own, not just a
passive lifeless thing. I arrived at the idea of using
toy soldiers as my ingredients. As found objects,
they seemed to represent something of a paradox.
On one hand they were a fun childhood toy that
brought back happy memories and on the other,
they were a representation of war and it's horrors.
This is a contrast that I find slightly uneasy."
Designer Dominic Wilcox

Sunday, November 22, 2009

String of Lights

At first glance, the String Light looks industrial
and exposed, with 10 variably sized light bulbs
protruding from powder coated aluminum
casings, dangling at random from a 60" cord.
Plug in this dimmable light fixture and the
String Light assumes a wholly new aura.
The 9 white bulbs and single red bulb glow
with a whimsical and refreshing energy.
Illuminating a room has never been so

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not a Paper Cup...

This 12 oz double walled ceramic cup
with silicone lid keeps your coffee hot
while the outside stays cool to the touch.
Fun to use and great for the environment

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

best coast singles finally arrived !

We've only got two copies so whoever shows up
first gets it. ex-pocahaunted dreamy jangle pop
with the odd hard edge for good measure. the
sun was high (so was I) is easily on track for a
top spot on my singles of the year list.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a sad day for lower main...

An early morning fire took out some well-loved
businesses today. While it's a little too soon to
tell how many were affected it looks like both
Slickity Jim's and Zocolo are gone. A little too
close to home for comfort, these local shops
will be sorely missed by all ! We hope they will
be back soon in our neighbourhood... good
luck to the owners and employees and all
involved, our thoughts and well-wishes are
with you.

just in.. great big pile of krautrock / prog / psych reissues

baris manco / 3 hurel / freedoms children boxset /
otis waygood / abstract truth / lincoln street exit /
amon düul / xhol caravan / mythos / guru guru
and more.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wood iPhone cases

Beautiful hand-crafted iPhone cases available in
bamboo, walnut or cherry. Gorgeous!

huge record collection just in...

Some great stuff ... rare italian prog / jazz /
psych rock / classic rock. Also... we finally
have a copy of the budgie lp with breadfan
on it. Where has that been hiding all this time?
This new pile filled the first four bins of the
new arrivals. First time that's happened in a
while ! Some great additions to our little
record store.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Numbers LED Clock

Designer Jonas Damon

An alarm clock consisting of four 2 inch tall cubes.
Each cube displays one glowing LED digit to make
up the time display. Unlike static boxes usually
associated with alarm clocks, this interactive
collection of changing numbers can be
arranged in almost any configuration.

Holiday Cards

'Tis the season to send out well-wishes
to all our friends and family... what better
way to do it than with a card from the
MoMA? These are truly beautiful cards and
we have a great selection to choose from.


Designer: Francois Dallegret
Acrylic and Stainless Steel

Dating back to the 1960's, the designer has
re-introduced his artful plaything for a 21st
century audience. Made from 6000 high
precision stainless steel balls, the Atomix
creates an infinite number of fractal patterns
when shaken, tilted or rotated.

Press Out Owl

Made from 100% recycled paper, this
build-it-yourself owl is super cool !

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We've been unpacking boxes of great new stuff
for days,it's like Christmas has come early! Lots
of new wood toys including Penguin Skittles,
Scottie Dog Noughts and Crosses, Airport in
a Bag and more... quantities are limited so
shop early if you're hoping to pick up some
cool gifts.

Art of the Modern Movie Poster

Critically authoritative, visually stunning, and
physically massive, Art of the Modern Movie
Poster is the first and last word on post-WWII
film poster design. Showcasing fascinating
examples from 15 nations, this collection of
more than 1,500 exemplary designs is a
must have for film buffs, design and poster
aficionados alike. The posters are organized
by country of origin, offering an intriguing
glimpse into each region’s unique visual
sensibility and sometimes unexpected takes
on familiar films. Gathered from the renowned
collection of the Posteritati Gallery in New York
one of the largest holdings of international film
posters in the world this volume is the definitive
survey of both film and popular graphic art in
the modern era.

More Krautrock just in...

steamhammer / grobschnitt / omega / ufo /
amon düul / kraan also some great early
seventies stoner rock. the first gun lp /
armageddon etc. I love it when I can get
stuff like this in stock.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Very Rare Timothy Leary LP

Just got this record in. Leary's rarest LP is also
one of his best. Mixing recollections from early
experiments with thoughts on contemporary
events, this is as confrontational and subversive
as he ever got. The LP title slogan is presented
as a rallying cry for the youth of America against
the older generations. Hearing this makes you
realize why he was once perceived as "the most
dangerous man alive". Great LP, and still unknown
to many. No reissue yet. This is an original
pressing in very nice condition.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Art by Tattooists

Many tattooists have moved beyond the art
work they draw on skin to create personal
work on canvas. Art by Tattooists is the
first book to showcase this art. The book
features 26 international artists who use
a variety of mediums from ink, watercolor,
acrylic and oil paint to lino printing, painting
on wood, and examples of tattoo style street
art and skateboard graphics. This book will
have wide appeal to artists, illustrators,
designers, students and anyone interested
in tattoo art and culture.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

great new vinyl in...

thee oh sees / pens / girls / sonic chicken 4 /
pocahaunted / magic kids / anasazis / spectrals /
fresh and onlys / eddy current suppression ring /
christmas island / woven bones / woods /
moon duo / german measles / magic lanterns /
robedoor / peaking lights / cave / ducktails /
traditional fools ( featuring ty segall ) /
charles albright etc.

just love the new oh sees. john dwyer you're on fire.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Krautrock Collection

Just arrived, a great selection of krautrock
albums including Lava, Guru Guru, Birth
Control and Spermule... all German first
pressings in beautiful condition.

Pictorial Webster's

A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities

Featuring over 1,500 engravings that originally
graced the pages of Webster’s dictionaries in the
19th century, this chunky volume is an irresistible
treasure trove for art lovers, designers, and anyone
with an interest in visual history. Meticulously
cleaned and restored by fine-press bookmaker
John Carrera, the engravings in Pictorial Webster’s
have been compiled into an alluring and unusual
visual reference guide for the modern day. Images
range from the entirely mysterious to the classically
iconic. From Acorns to Zebras, Bell Jars to Velocipedes,
these alphabetically arranged archetypes and curiosities
create enigmatic juxtapositions and illustrate the items
deemed important to the Victorian mind. Sure to inspire
and delight, Pictorial Webster’s is at once a fascinating
historical record and a stunning jewel of a book.

Chat Plates

Ikuko Nakazawa, Japan

Quirky and charming, these plates were
designed to resemble conversation bubbles
from manga, or Japanese comics. This set
of three plates features one large plate and
two smaller plates and is perfect for serving
small meals and snacks. Made of porcelain.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

It's been one year since we opened the doors of
Dandelion Emporium at our current location and
what a year! We merged with Dandelion Records
midway through the year to evolve into the store
we have today. To recap a little history Dandelion
Records began as a table at the Flea Market about
4 years ago, then shared a space with a gallery on
Kingsway (in what is now the expansion of Budgie's
Burritos). From there to a location on Broadway...
and we've now made our home on Main Street
(where we wanted to be all along, and hope to stay)
Thanks to all of our supporters... we couldn't have
done it without you ! We really appreciate all of our
customers and friends and everyone who believes
in our store. We hope to continue to bring you great
vinyl and other fun and interesting products from
around the world... we're looking forward to a
great year ahead ! Thanks from Jeff & Laura

More Things Like This

Curated by the editors of McSweeney’s, this
unconventional book explores the intersection
of text, humour, and illustration in art created
by cartoonists, writers, musicians, and fine
artists. A refreshing mixture of high, low, and
sideways, the selection features nearly 300
images from dozens of contributors, including
David Shrigley, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Cohen,
Chris Johnson, David Mamet, and many more.
Insightful interviews with the artists further
illuminate the shared and divergent approaches
they take in creating this smart, funny, and
engaging work.

moon duo attn: wooden shjips fans...

i missed out on the first ep from this band
featuring the guitarist and singer from the
wooden shjips.. i wish i hadnt. great psychy
drone rock with pretty obvious krautrock
influences. fans of the shjips will love this
one. its called killing time.

p.s. if anyone has an extra copy of love on
the sea can you please bring it in ! TY.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witches' Kitchen

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje

A Design with Conscience project, artisan communities
in Guatemala and Colombia collaborated with the
designer to produce different elements of the collection.

Witches Kitchen cookware is hand moulded by Colombian
artisans using a centuries old pottery technique, and is
embellished with textured leaf prints using a method
developed by Tord Boontje and the artisans involved.
The cookware line includes a black ceramic casserole
and saucepan, both with matching lids that double as
serving bowls.

Guatemalan artisans hand carve an intricate assortment
of wooden utensils out of locally sourced sustainable and
reforested wood. These utensils evoke a witch’s essential
tools, including a dagger knife and a pair of salad tossers
shaped like witch’s hands, in addition to a variety of
double ended serving forks and spoons.

Inspired by the witches and wizards of western myth and
legend, Witches Kitchen bridges the gap between sorcerers
spell book and mother’s cookbook, celebrating the arcane
magic behind every succulent dish.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day of the Dead Chocolate Skulls

Red Fire Skulls: ancho and chipotle chilies
+ ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate

Also back in stock... the famous Mo's Milk
Chocolate Bacon Bar. It's also now available
in dark chocolate. Yum!

fresh and onlys - grey eyed girls

we saw these guys play at pats pub a few
months back and didnt expect a new lp
out of them so soon ! but its a good surprise.
we also got a few copies of woods songs
of shame back in stock. the first batch sold
out right quick.

Umbrellas For Life

Davek Solo Umbrellas

These umbrellas are truly amazing!
They come with a lifetime guarantee AND Davek
offers a loss protection program... I could go on
but doesn't that pretty much speak for itself?

Faust reissued ...

long overdue krautrock reissue from
four men with beards.lets hope they
put out faust IV soon ! features all
twelve printed inserts always missing
from the original pressings.
pick em up while you can.

New from Moleskine

2010 Colour a Month Daily Planner Box Set

An individual Volant daily planner for each month
of the year. Light and practical to carry. The 12
months are packed in a gift box that protects,
organizes, and preserves.

Skeem Pillar Candles

Thoughtfully designed, reusable as drinking glasses.
Custom soy/paraffin wax blend for a clean burn.
Makes a great gift!

Hanno Jr. has arrived

There's a new king of the jungle!

Hanno Jr's powerful hardwood frame can hold
many poses. His elastic band muscles and
durable wood limbs make him almost impervious
to breakage. Made from sustainably harvested
new growth beech wood. Enjoyed by adults and
children alike.

Carga Bags

These bags are gorgeous!

industrial wool felt / aluminum rivets
distressed leather strap / serial numbered
internal leather pocket / key ring

Come in to check out our great selection of
styles and sizes!

Halloween is just around the corner

Stack the bones game

A Jenga game made of wood...
Fun for all ages!


A Record of the Year of Infection
The year is 2011, and what starts as a
pervasive and inexplicable illness ends up
as a zombie infestation that devastates the
world's population. Taking the form of a
biologist's illustrated journal found in the
aftermath of the attack, this pulse pounding
tale of zombie apocalypse follows the
narrator as he flees from city to countryside
and then north to Canada. Encountering
scattered humans and scores of the infected
along the way, he fills his notebook with
graphic drawings of the zombies and careful
observations of their behaviour, along with
terrifying tales of survival. Wonderfully
illustrated collaboration between Seattle
based writer Don Roff and Oakland,
California-based illustrator Chris Lane.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hercules beetle anatomy puzzle

32 piece 3D puzzle

Cool and kinda creepy...
for ages 3 and up