Wednesday, October 28, 2009

great new vinyl in...

thee oh sees / pens / girls / sonic chicken 4 /
pocahaunted / magic kids / anasazis / spectrals /
fresh and onlys / eddy current suppression ring /
christmas island / woven bones / woods /
moon duo / german measles / magic lanterns /
robedoor / peaking lights / cave / ducktails /
traditional fools ( featuring ty segall ) /
charles albright etc.

just love the new oh sees. john dwyer you're on fire.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Krautrock Collection

Just arrived, a great selection of krautrock
albums including Lava, Guru Guru, Birth
Control and Spermule... all German first
pressings in beautiful condition.

Pictorial Webster's

A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities

Featuring over 1,500 engravings that originally
graced the pages of Webster’s dictionaries in the
19th century, this chunky volume is an irresistible
treasure trove for art lovers, designers, and anyone
with an interest in visual history. Meticulously
cleaned and restored by fine-press bookmaker
John Carrera, the engravings in Pictorial Webster’s
have been compiled into an alluring and unusual
visual reference guide for the modern day. Images
range from the entirely mysterious to the classically
iconic. From Acorns to Zebras, Bell Jars to Velocipedes,
these alphabetically arranged archetypes and curiosities
create enigmatic juxtapositions and illustrate the items
deemed important to the Victorian mind. Sure to inspire
and delight, Pictorial Webster’s is at once a fascinating
historical record and a stunning jewel of a book.

Chat Plates

Ikuko Nakazawa, Japan

Quirky and charming, these plates were
designed to resemble conversation bubbles
from manga, or Japanese comics. This set
of three plates features one large plate and
two smaller plates and is perfect for serving
small meals and snacks. Made of porcelain.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

It's been one year since we opened the doors of
Dandelion Emporium at our current location and
what a year! We merged with Dandelion Records
midway through the year to evolve into the store
we have today. To recap a little history Dandelion
Records began as a table at the Flea Market about
4 years ago, then shared a space with a gallery on
Kingsway (in what is now the expansion of Budgie's
Burritos). From there to a location on Broadway...
and we've now made our home on Main Street
(where we wanted to be all along, and hope to stay)
Thanks to all of our supporters... we couldn't have
done it without you ! We really appreciate all of our
customers and friends and everyone who believes
in our store. We hope to continue to bring you great
vinyl and other fun and interesting products from
around the world... we're looking forward to a
great year ahead ! Thanks from Jeff & Laura

More Things Like This

Curated by the editors of McSweeney’s, this
unconventional book explores the intersection
of text, humour, and illustration in art created
by cartoonists, writers, musicians, and fine
artists. A refreshing mixture of high, low, and
sideways, the selection features nearly 300
images from dozens of contributors, including
David Shrigley, Kurt Vonnegut, Leonard Cohen,
Chris Johnson, David Mamet, and many more.
Insightful interviews with the artists further
illuminate the shared and divergent approaches
they take in creating this smart, funny, and
engaging work.

moon duo attn: wooden shjips fans...

i missed out on the first ep from this band
featuring the guitarist and singer from the
wooden shjips.. i wish i hadnt. great psychy
drone rock with pretty obvious krautrock
influences. fans of the shjips will love this
one. its called killing time.

p.s. if anyone has an extra copy of love on
the sea can you please bring it in ! TY.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Witches' Kitchen

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje

A Design with Conscience project, artisan communities
in Guatemala and Colombia collaborated with the
designer to produce different elements of the collection.

Witches Kitchen cookware is hand moulded by Colombian
artisans using a centuries old pottery technique, and is
embellished with textured leaf prints using a method
developed by Tord Boontje and the artisans involved.
The cookware line includes a black ceramic casserole
and saucepan, both with matching lids that double as
serving bowls.

Guatemalan artisans hand carve an intricate assortment
of wooden utensils out of locally sourced sustainable and
reforested wood. These utensils evoke a witch’s essential
tools, including a dagger knife and a pair of salad tossers
shaped like witch’s hands, in addition to a variety of
double ended serving forks and spoons.

Inspired by the witches and wizards of western myth and
legend, Witches Kitchen bridges the gap between sorcerers
spell book and mother’s cookbook, celebrating the arcane
magic behind every succulent dish.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day of the Dead Chocolate Skulls

Red Fire Skulls: ancho and chipotle chilies
+ ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate

Also back in stock... the famous Mo's Milk
Chocolate Bacon Bar. It's also now available
in dark chocolate. Yum!

fresh and onlys - grey eyed girls

we saw these guys play at pats pub a few
months back and didnt expect a new lp
out of them so soon ! but its a good surprise.
we also got a few copies of woods songs
of shame back in stock. the first batch sold
out right quick.

Umbrellas For Life

Davek Solo Umbrellas

These umbrellas are truly amazing!
They come with a lifetime guarantee AND Davek
offers a loss protection program... I could go on
but doesn't that pretty much speak for itself?

Faust reissued ...

long overdue krautrock reissue from
four men with beards.lets hope they
put out faust IV soon ! features all
twelve printed inserts always missing
from the original pressings.
pick em up while you can.

New from Moleskine

2010 Colour a Month Daily Planner Box Set

An individual Volant daily planner for each month
of the year. Light and practical to carry. The 12
months are packed in a gift box that protects,
organizes, and preserves.

Skeem Pillar Candles

Thoughtfully designed, reusable as drinking glasses.
Custom soy/paraffin wax blend for a clean burn.
Makes a great gift!

Hanno Jr. has arrived

There's a new king of the jungle!

Hanno Jr's powerful hardwood frame can hold
many poses. His elastic band muscles and
durable wood limbs make him almost impervious
to breakage. Made from sustainably harvested
new growth beech wood. Enjoyed by adults and
children alike.

Carga Bags

These bags are gorgeous!

industrial wool felt / aluminum rivets
distressed leather strap / serial numbered
internal leather pocket / key ring

Come in to check out our great selection of
styles and sizes!

Halloween is just around the corner

Stack the bones game

A Jenga game made of wood...
Fun for all ages!


A Record of the Year of Infection
The year is 2011, and what starts as a
pervasive and inexplicable illness ends up
as a zombie infestation that devastates the
world's population. Taking the form of a
biologist's illustrated journal found in the
aftermath of the attack, this pulse pounding
tale of zombie apocalypse follows the
narrator as he flees from city to countryside
and then north to Canada. Encountering
scattered humans and scores of the infected
along the way, he fills his notebook with
graphic drawings of the zombies and careful
observations of their behaviour, along with
terrifying tales of survival. Wonderfully
illustrated collaboration between Seattle
based writer Don Roff and Oakland,
California-based illustrator Chris Lane.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hercules beetle anatomy puzzle

32 piece 3D puzzle

Cool and kinda creepy...
for ages 3 and up

watch this space...

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