Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cigar Box Guitars

Handcrafted in Victoria, BC by Rennie Knowlton
these beautiful cigar box guitars feature four
strings, hand carved necks and pick-ups so you
can plug them into an amplifier. Each one is
completely unique. Portable and fun to play,
cigar box guitars also have a rich history.
Join the cigar box guitar revolution!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

What can best be described as a "lost treasure" this album was recorded in Germany on a reel-to-reel between 1970 - 73 and it was intended only for Sibylle's family and friends. More than thirty years later her son, Robby, had the album released. Colour Green is hauntingly beautiful, both stark and rich and filled with astonishing emotional honesty. Sibylle has a voice reminiscent of Vashti Bunyan, but with more spare guitar compositions and melancholy vocal delivery. Like Bunyan, Baier turned away from what could have been a successful career in order to raise a family. It's only because of her son that these recordings are being heard at all. But unlike Bunyan, these songs don't derive from a back to nature hippie-folk aesthetic, rather they are intimate portraits of life's fragile beauty. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sabuda Pop-Up Notecards

From the New York studio of Robert Sabuda
come these new designs of amazingly complex
and delightfully delicate pop-up cards.
Cheerfully bold and bright and perfect for
any occasion. Several styles now in stock.
Distributed by the Museum of Modern Art

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Carga Bags Have Arrived !

Made from a single piece of rubberized cordura and
vegetable tanned leather these bags have 3 compartments
including one with a zipper. There are 2 new styles...
one which can hold a 13" laptop.
As with the other Carga bags these are painstakingly handcrafted by a family of artisans. Everything from the tannery process, to the eco-friendly vegetable dyes, to assembly and construction are worlds apart from mass produced bags. The heft and precision speak of old world craftsmanship – far superior to some of the most expensive bags out there.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Raccoon Cushion

I love these organic cotton cushions by New York
Designer Ross Menuez!
The graphics are based on the first mass produced
images from 19th century illustrations.
The pillows are inspired by Victorian shaped pillows.
We had the owl pillow once before and sold out
(we now have it back in stock)
the raccoon is a recent addition.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mushroom: Early one Morning

Super rare 4 star Pokora LP. Great Folk-Psych rock from Ireland. Just one of the new titles we found this week in a massive collection and added to the store... this one was a very nice surprise! Excellent condition, includes original poster. June 26 Update: This LP is now sold!

Beatles Butcher Cover!

Whew! We're exhausted from going through a collection of 10,000 albums this week... but we found some amazing new vinyl for the store, including this second state Beatles Butcher cover in amazing condition! There's lots of other great new vinyl including Joy Division, New Order, rare Beatles, Stones, etc etc... come see for yourself!
June 25th Update: Sorry folks, this album is now SOLD !!

Just Arrived...

I have a real soft spot for these super cute knitted
lambswool dolls by London designer Donna Wilson...
this is the latest one to arrive at the shop and I
expect it won't last long (it's adorable!)

Just arrived !!

I'm just so excited about some of the items we
have on order that I couldn't wait to post them!
Like this great coffee bean necklace handcrafted
in Vancouver, BC in solid sterling silver. The
perfect gift for any coffee lover. And who
doesn't love coffee?

Coming Soon to the Emporium

Wood Cases for iPad
handcrafted from solid walnut or bamboo
steel reinforced for added strength
optional prop for table top use
openings for connector and volume control
top loading slipcase design for easy removal
soft, scratch resistant lining
durable UV and moisture resistant clear coat
We'll let you know as soon as they arrive !!
(Preorders available...)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Antlers Mirror

Designer: Choe & Tomlinson / New York

Dimensions: 16 x 12 x .25 inches

The cut-out image invites you to interact with
your own reflection. Pirate Mirror and Songbird
Mirror also available. So much fun to be had!!
Tack hardware included.

As the Crow Flies...

A Hanging Mobile

This locally designed mobile portrays a family of crows returning to a communal rookery. Every evening, in cities all over North America, you can see hundreds of crows flying home. Crows mate for life, live in family groups, and even though offspring may travel the country and live elsewhere, they return often to visit.

Laser-cut from recycled black cardstock and salvaged outdated roadmaps, the seven two-sided hanging pieces depict 14 crows and a large hand-folded tree. The crows are realistically rendered in black while the flipside reveals the colourful travel maps. Maps from across the continent are used to reflect the distances these birds travel and the universality of this phenomenon.

massive pile of vinyl just in...

tonnes of great used vinyl just in...
including a very rare joy division 3lp box set bootleg from 1981, tom waits, pogues, angry samoans, stiv bators,and lots of solid jazz records. all in all a good haul.